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Yosuke Ueno

Japanese • 1977
Yosuke Ueno was born in 1977 in Tokyo where he actually lives. His art is a clear reflection of the artist’s Asian roots and the influence of contemporary pop culture. Ueno’s artworks are inspired by the Japanese religion of Shinto that is based on particulars and enjoyment of nature. Cartoonish elements, young characters, unlikely plants, anthropomorphic animals and creatures populate his surreal galaxies painted on canvas, and live all happily in a psychedelic dimension of shiny surfaces.

Ueno’s compositions may recall Miyazaki’s supernatural universes where fool characters drive the viewer’s mind through a timeless journey toward the incredible. Yosuke Ueno starts composing his scenes without a detailed design, but giving the artwork the power to take shape by itself leading the artist’s imagination. Blowing in the soft pollen of a magic wind, Ueno’s figures are symbols deriving from mixed cultures that always bring a message full of cosmic vitality and positivity toward life and death. Those contrasting energies need each other, as the earth and the sky need one another to make the magic of the stars come true.

-from "Pages of mind Travellers Diaries", 2017.

Yusuke Ueno

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